La fabrique de tartes



The "home alone" menu


What is it?
It is a menu for one person, with a starter, a main course and a dessert, for a total of 400 Rs, delivered at home.

From 15th June to 10th July.

How does it work?
1. I can plan everything in advance. By following the link below, I will be able to plan:

    • the days of delivery
    • the timing of delivery (during the day)
    • the content of each meal

    2. Once my order is confirmed, I receive a recap memo to keep on my fridge

      3. Before each delivery, an sms is sent to the person designated to receive the delivery (eg: my maid, my driver)

        4. The meal is delivered during the day.

          5. I will receive the global bill when I come back from the summer break.


          Menu Home alone.jpg

          Contact us at: or 9740846911/9845198264/9945666629

          Accepting credit card payments now