La fabrique de tartes




Area of delivery?

Adarsh Vista, Epsilon, 
Indiranagar, with minimum order
5 large items

Time of deliveries?

Mon to Fri: 4 to 7pm
Sat: 10 to 12:30

The exact timeframe depends on location, and will be given following to your order.

How to order?

Before 8pm the previous day.
By phone, mail of by clicking on the pink boxes bellow.


For all specific requests (time, special diet..), please contact Catherine directly at  9902311147 or (or by clicking on the envelop below).
We will find a way!



Anything is possible! Whatever the event (Birthday, farewell parties, seminars...), whatever the location, we will find a way.

Delivery days: everyday except Sunday & Monday

Time to order: 24h before delivery or 3 days for big event.

Minimum quantities for delivery: 3 big tartes or 3 appetizers trays or 4 lunch trays..

Please contact Catherine directly to explain your needs at 9902311147 or (or by clicking on the envelop below)

Contact us at: or 9740846911/9845198264/9945666629

Accepting credit card payments now